Our Company

Our history goes back to 2002. At the dawn of the XXI century Werner Grosse, a certified engineer and architect, in cooperation with the University of Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, developed and patented an original idea of building houses using wall plugs in three directions. The innovation was in the fact that Grosse's technology century-old traditions of using wood as the main material for the construction of housing with modern knowledge of the material qualities, and the features of its processing and effective use.

In 2015, Avella bought the intellectual property rights of Werner Grosse. Based on the experience of construction and operation of houses made using the previously patented technology, and more than 10 years of its practical application, this construction system has undergone many changes and improvements. Many of these changes have become truly revolutionary.
That is how HEXAGON technology appeared which allows building houses of the highest quality!

For the construction of our houses, structures, and facilities, we have chosen solid dry wood due to its highest environmental standards and naturalness as well as high plasticity and reliability. In the construction, we use just one basic element — a solid hexagonal wooden beam. Using these elements like bricks, with the help of wooden wall plugs that permeate every element in all directions, we build houses of any complexity and configuration. Also, we designed and were the first to use standard wall blocks HEXAGON in solid wood construction. This allowed to speed up the production process several times, and simplified installation. HEXAGON thermal insulation elements integrated into the walls almost eliminate the need for external thermal insulation or reduce it to an acceptable minimum. If desired, this allows to assemble your own house by yourself using the LEGO principle, and also simplifies and speeds up the installation of the structure in times. It is especially worth emphasising that although we use solid wood as a basic construction material, it does not mean that we build wooden houses in the classic sense. We can build any house at the wish of our customers. The main thing that distinguishes us from others are the highest standards of quality, reliability, and environmental friendliness. In this we have no equal!

We provide a 100-year warranty for the construction of houses!

Our company's goal is to move the standard of living of a modern man to a new level.
• Health
The company uses pristine material for the production of structural timber. The absence of chemical treatment, metal elements and adhesive materials create an exceptionally healthy microclimate in Avella houses.
• Comfort
Constant temperature means comfortable life. In Avella houses, it is warm in winter, and cool in summer. And all this is without additional climate control systems. They require little or no additional insulation, and model pleasant acoustics inside.
• Reliability
The unique technology of connecting parts, the greatest strength and reliability of the design make houses really safe. Its residents should fear no hurricanes or earthquakes, and solid wood practically does not burn.
• Durability
Our houses serve their masters faithfully for many years, and give the warmth of hearth and home to many generations.

Avella houses are the implementation of the statement “My home is my castle”

The lifetime of a house built by Avella using HEXAGON system reaches one hundred years or more. This is the case when age does not matter. Over time, such houses take on their own character. It is like antique furniture that retains the charm of a past age, that has its own character, an amazing warmth, a special atmosphere and comfort.

Avella houses are a tribute to traditions and modern technology. They are built exclusively of spruce or pine, environmentally friendly dry raw materials. During the construction, impregnats as well as adhesives, screws, metal structures etc are not used, and the use of such a basic element as a regular hexagon generates unique positive energy of the structure. For example, everyone knows about the incredible properties of honey but recent studies prove that these properties are provided not only by bees but also by the shape of a honeycomb.

Our company's production facility is located in Poland, and is organised according to the highest standards of the European Union. Avella has representative offices of in Germany, Poland, South Korea, Ukraine, and continues to open them around the world. This vast geography of interest to HEXAGON technology proves that people are tired of materials in their environment that are synthetic, harmful to their health, and short-life, and strive to move their lives to a new level in terms of quality.