Recently, people more and more often have a natural need to return to the roots: peace, purity, and unity with nature. All of that people seek at home. What are the current requirements that people now have for housing?



Quality — comfort at all levels becomes the most important when choosing a house where they will live fully, raise children, spend time with their families, and relax after a hard day's work. 




Reliability — seismic resistance, fire safety, hypoallergenicity. We should be confident about our housing. Only then we will feel comfortable, safe, and peaceful, and this safety and reliability should last forever.




Cost efficiency — energy saving and low maintenance cost. A good home should help its owner save on heating and ventilation, creating a comfortable environment and freeing up funds for more pleasant purchases. 


All this can be implemented using HEXAGON technology — an innovative system of building houses of solid beam. It is a symbiosis of modern scientific knowledge and century-old traditions of construction.

How it works:



Solid hexagonal wooden beam is the minimum unit of the structure. 



Beams are connected to form building blocks using durable wooden wall plugs. For example, around 15 km of wall plugs are needed to build a 100 sq.m. house! 



HEXAGON standard building blocks are similar to Lego construction set where small parts. interconnected in a special manner create huge strong structures. They weigh approximately 30 kg each, and allow assembling your house by yourself, if you wish, without a single nail or any special equipment. As a result, the floor, ceilings, walls, and partitions are interconnected so that they cannot be disassembled again. Thanks to this system of connections between elements, the house has practically no shrinkage. 


Special HEXAGON thermal elements integrated into the wall increase thermal insulation of the building by approximately one and a half times, which virtually eliminates the need for further additional insulation, or reduces it to the acceptable minimum. Our thermal insulation system is reliable, durable, and needs no renewal. 


HEXAGON — flexibility, simplicity, reliability, and quality.

The standard thickness of walls and ceilings is not less than 40 cm of dry solid wood which consists of many separate elements.


All this ensures advantages of the system:

• Versatility
The hexagonal form of the base element allows building almost any house according to an already existing or individually designed plan in the shortest possible time.
Energy saving
Large size solid wood combined with HEXAGON thermal elements, and high tightness of the structure ensures low energy intensity of our designs already in the basic version.
Houses made of solid wood serve for hundreds of years, which has been repeatedly proven by the history of construction and modern research. We give a 100-year warranty for our structures.
Tightness, strength, stability, fire safety. Reliability at all levels creates inner peace, and a sense of safety and  tranquility.
• Environmental friendliness
No chemical treatment at all stages of production: from the moment of extraction to the completion of the house. The production is completely waste-free, and does not pollute the environment at all.
• Standard of living
The complete absence of metal, metal structures, and adhesives, hypoallergenicity, natural ventilation, constant temperature and humidity, and the absence of dust — all the conditions for comfortable living. Moreover, HEXAGON basic elements in the form of a regular hexagon generate positive energy that benefits all living creatures.

The Company has developed and launched its own thermal insulation system for buildings. You can select the necessary level of insulation down to the passive one. The benefit of our system is that it is manufactured at the factory and is integrated into construction blocks right off the bat. Your house will be assembled with integrated exterior insulation so that you don’t have to spend additional time and money — you can just proceed to roof cladding and outer envelopes installation. Our insulation system is a 100%-cellulose solution, so it is totally eco-friendly, durable, and its performance does not degrade over time. For our insulation, just as for our buildings, a 100-year warranty is provided.

HEXAGON technology allows building a high-quality reliable house in 5–7 days, with any number of storeys and in any style. It enables to build a structure in any season and any weather, anywhere.