Ecological compatibility

The material a tree - has completely ecological history. The road of wooden materials from wood to a sawmill before manufacture and up to the finish on the enterprise, practically does not influence environmental contamination. It, in comparison with other building materials, is connected with absolutely pure ecological extraction, low consumption of energy on transportation, processing and processing. Besides, all the rest of wooden processing materials can be processed.

The part from wooden processing materials goes on heating of premises and drying of raw materials , from the rest we make a high-quality fuel briquette which also we offer to our clients.

Wooden materials is a natural renewed resource. About 200 years ago there was an opinion, that this resource will be finished. Today, through controllable cutting down of woods and purposeful afforestation, is fixed , according to statistic research - that woods is renewed , despite increase in use of wood as energy .

At the same time, in atmosphere more and more СО2, this is affecting our climate. For this reason, it is useful and it is favourable, when will be used much more not polluted massive wood in building of houses.