As it was said before , our main goal is making houses of uncompromised quality . For that we use the most ecological and 100% natural material – massive dry wood . And that’s basically it , nothing more : no glued timber  , no glue , no metal structures , no screws б no nails and of course no chemical processing. This isn’t just a fad . As it was said before it’s our main goal – high-quality accommodation , the most suitable and comfortable for life and health. The logical continuation of that goal - a low level of power consumption. That’s a matter of time and it fits perfectly in our concept.

What’s the catch , you ask? There isn’t one. But there are a few conditions - a large array of natural wood and constructive features of the system.

An entire structure is made from HEXAGON elements , it gives it unusual strength and tightness .This concerns load-bearing walls , floor , ceilings and roof. It is heart of our system . Everything else – the customer’s whim . A simple example – you want to build a passive house. In order to do this , you will need at least 20 cm wide of extra insulation , that’s expensive in price and time . Aa an option we can offer you an increase (40 cm or even more ) in width of the load-bearing walls , floor and roof. In terms of price , it will be about the same while quality will be on a different level. That kind of house will stand for centuries!