House "ZX101"

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Zx101 is a comfortable house with flat roof, of modernistic character.

Inhabited / the Total area: 159,3 м²
The building area: 199,3 м²
Cubic capacity: 430,01 m³
Height 4,3 m
Corner of an inclination of a roof: 3°
The roof area: 160 m²
Minimum plot size: 24,14m × 22,44m

The design distinguishes itself with an interesting functional set-up. The centre of the house is an extensive kitchen in the modern style with an isle and a dining room. A fireplace between of the dining room and the living room subtly shares them and makes family meals by the big table more enjoyable. This set creats a spacious day zone with an entrance to a roofed terrace. The night zone is formed by three bedrooms of identical size, each one with an entrance to the terrace and a rich utility backroom on the right side of the building. There is also designed a big bathroom with a window, a laundry and a closet and a smaller bathroom by the owners’ bedroom. The reasonable set of the walls lets match the size of the rooms almost freely, through moving the load-bering walls. An interesting solution is an additional big room on the front of the building. It might serve as a comfortable home office with its own WC, a guest room or as an additional bedroom.

There is also a version of Zx101 with a double garage.